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It’s the kind of airline booking no one likes to make. A family member or loved one is seriously ill or has passed away and you have to travel immediately.

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A couple of decades ago, airlines used to have generous policies as it came to booking emergency traveling. Known as bereavement or empathy fares, airlines offered steep discounts off regular airfares to ease the burden of last minute traveling. More recently, airlines started out them.

But some still provide either a flat discount off current published airfares or a different type of rate determined by https://reservations-united-airlines.com/

the carrier. Policies vary widely by airline.

Bereavement fares are typically available to immediate family members only. Oftentimes, passengers asking such a fare must provide evidence of kinship and information related to the illness or death. Documentation can include name, address and phone number of their hospital, hospice or funeral home. Sometimes, a letter on letterhead from a physician is required to qualify for the discount.

Here are the current policies from the four leading U.S. airlines to get bereavement fares

United Airlines United Airlines, United Eagle and UnitedConnection may offer Emergency or bereavement fares. For more info, call United Airlines reservations at .

United Air Lines Domestic tickets will need to be bought and traveling has to start within three days seven days for international of their death or imminent death of an immediate family member. Documentation is necessary and subject to verification. Tickets must be bought by calling United reservations straight at .

United Airlines United offers a percent discount on fares roundtrip or one time in case of a death or severe illness requiring hospitalization or hospice care of a direct family member. In cases of death, a copy of the death certificate is required. Tickets may be reserved online, or by telephoning United reservations at .

US Airways The airline does not provide bereavement or empathy fares.

While the strain of the situation might not have you thinking clearly, there are various other choices to consider.